When the Power Goes Out

When the panic of no internet finally passes, you realize that spending face to face time (not facing forward at the tv time) with your loved ones with ZERO distraction is exactly what you needed.

Simplicity = Sanity and Success

I was trying to do too many “good” things and was feeling stressed because I wasn't doing anything well. God brought me back to what is most important; my relationship with Him, my marriage, and my children. Making sure that I'm doing those well first and foremost is what He wanted from me.

Self Control Sucks – But it Pleases God

It's easy to reason that it's just one slice, or just a little frosting on the finger, or just one cuss word, or just one cigarette, but the core issue in the battle of self-control is the inability to just say no. Not a little, or maybe or just this once. No.

Rocking My Polka Dots – Being Real

It's all about being real and being duplicatable. If I don't look perfect than the women I mentor won't feel the need to look perfect. If I don't skip the pool because of my imperfect body, my kids won't feel like they need to hide their imperfections. If I let my neighbor see my mess, maybe she'll let me in on her mess and I can share the love of Jesus with her.

Beautiful Mistakes

What if I gave myself the same measure of grace I give them? What if I said, "Ok mama, why did you do that?" and I took the time to realize that I stayed up too late the night before and was cranky the next morning?

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