I Hate Cancer

As I shaved what was left of her hair off yesterday after her 5th chemo treatment, I thought about how grateful I am that there is hope and a future for my mom. That her hair will eventually grow back and life will go on.
But what about those who are losing the fight or are still unsure which way the battle will go? Don't they have hope and a future too?

Irrational Fear – Overcoming What Seems Impossible

I truly believe that God’s heart for us is to be free of all fear. I mean it. Every-Single-Fear can be wiped away and we can live our lives in complete freedom and surrender and trust. I know, this sounds too good to be true, but I really believe it because His Word is full of encouragement to do just that!

Rocking My Polka Dots – Being Real

It's all about being real and being duplicatable. If I don't look perfect than the women I mentor won't feel the need to look perfect. If I don't skip the pool because of my imperfect body, my kids won't feel like they need to hide their imperfections. If I let my neighbor see my mess, maybe she'll let me in on her mess and I can share the love of Jesus with her.

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