The Veggie Tray of Life

What do you think when you see a veggie tray? Yuck, I hate veggies? Oooh, carrots!? I know I should put a couple veggies on my plate because they’re good for me but I’m leaving most of the room on my plate for queso and brownies?

As I was snacking on my leftover veggie tray from the 4th of July, it occurred to me that life is kind of like a veggie tray. There are parts of it that we love, and parts that we don’t like even a little and sometimes, depending on what the tray has to offer, nothing at all that we want. The thing about it, though, is that it’s all good for you!

Those sweet moments in our life when we’re feeling alive are like the sweet carrots or mini bell peppers. The chill moments when we’re just relaxing and enjoying life are like the cool cucumber slices. The spontaneous and exciting moments in our life are like the cherry tomatoes that pop in your mouth. And maybe the trying days with our toddler are the broccoli and the days our dirty laundry spills out of the baskets or we fight with our spouses are the cauliflower.

Those “not my favorite” veggies have huge benefits to our physical health just like the trying days at home are important for our growth. We wish those days didn’t exist, we try to avoid them or we try to push them away from us so we don’t have to deal with them. But taking those days, in all their “yuck” and choosing to look at them and put them on our “plate” allows us the opportunity to receive all that God has for us in those learning moments. It allows us to overcome our selfish emotional response and choose to do what’s right instead. It allows us to be healthy, not hurting.

Here’s the best part. Jesus is the RANCH! Even the grossest veggies are tolerable slathered in ranch dressing. Jesus is that for us. He makes the hard days tolerable, He helps us work through the stuff we need to do but don’t want to do. He gives us the courage to make the right choices for ourselves and our families. And He makes the sweet stuff even better!

So next time you go to a party with a veggie tray, pile your plate high with those beauties and thank God for all the moments in life that draw you closer to Him.

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